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Legends of Soseki

Long ago, in northern Soseki where the mountains touch the sky, a blacksmith named Haru collected the metal of a fallen star. With it, he forged a magnificent sword. Many warriors commissioned Haru to imbue their weapons and armor with similar magical traits. Equipped with these powerful weapons, they secured the kingdoms of Soseki and ushered in an era of peace and prosperity.
However, evil prowled in the shadows nearby. A sinister yokai overlord envied the prosperity of mankind. He ordered his generals - Hakai, Gouyoku, and Damsu - to steal the legendary weapons. Oni, Obake, and shibito forces pillaged the land. With every stolen weapon, the yokai grew stronger and Soseki was plunged into feudalism.
Saddened by the warfare and hearing the prayers of those who suffered, a benevolent golden dragon visited a meditating monk named Yama, giving him great wisdom regarding the yokai. The dragon told Yama to go on a journey and join forces with Heishi, a young samurai noblewoman, and Keishu, a leader of a rogue band of ninjas. Together, they would unite the remaining kingdoms of Soseki and battle against the yokai onslaught.
Now it is up to you, brave warrior. Build your deck and lead your forces to victory! The cards of Soseki's destiny are in your hands.​


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